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Apr 16th
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: blankblankblankblankblank
Well they hacked them to pieces in Fallujah. Peaceful men bringing food.
How should the coalition of the willing punish the barbarians that did this?

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Anonymous said:

Liberate Syria.
April 02, 2004

Anonymous said:

Maintain control over Iraq until they learn to behave. Or at least till the job is done.

Lordy Lordy Lordy
April 03, 2004

Max said:

Pat, therre's just one way to "punish the barbarians"" vote the venal, lying bastards out of the Oval Orifice in Washingtoon!
April 03, 2004

Anonymous said:

But they were delivering food! For freedom.

Obviously the people that did this are related to Saddam, or Osama. Fuck there must be some reason. I seen that poll the other day; 99.9% of Iraqis are happy saddam is gone.

Must have been the 0.1%.

April 03, 2004

Anonymous said:

Yeah well fuckem! Bunch of fucken mercenaries on $1000 a day, were they?! And what's the diff between being hacked to pieces or blown to pieces by a fucken Jdam, a fucken chopper missile or a friggin cluster bomb!

April 04, 2004

ziggy said:

It's a sad fact that many people throughout the world now believe the USA "deserved" the Sept 11 atrocities. Connecting all the dots, one can certainly see the bloody hand of venal US foreign policy decisions stretching back at least half a century...

As for the current global instability, it's what comes of religious fanatics on both sides of the "war on terrorism" (Think Hitler VS Stalin!)

April 04, 2004

Anonymous said:

Yeah, I'm back again you sniveling broke-dick Yank lapdog! Wondering why anti-American outbursts are increasing across Iraq? Could it be because fucken US tanks have "Kill Them All" and "Bloodlust" painted on the turrets?! Hearts and minds, sure, right! Fetch the fucken stick, asshole!

April 04, 2004

Anonymous said:

with the Shiites protesting it is obvious to all that its time to leave. Coalition Big Brother in Iraq is finished. Give Iraq back to the Iraqis.

If the yanks dont leave now it means they came to conquer not liberate.

And doesnt it make the little chap look like the lapdog he is.
April 05, 2004

Anonymous said:

So far the Yanks have got EVERYTHING wrong: no global threat from Saddam, no WMD, and no terrorist bases or links to Al Qaeda...

OOPS! NOW Iraq DOES have terrorists, prompted by Uncle George's invasion, although not so many as the Yanks would love us all to think. The opposition to US occupation is IRAQI.

And the best (worst?!!) is yet to come: an Iraqi government comprised of Islamic fundamentalists! Congratulations Yanks, a stirling job!
April 06, 2004

Anonymous said:

Now Iraqi's are being instructed by there spiritual leaders to become terrorists against the invading forces.

And, just coz he had to, and feels like he has too, John Howard has 100 of our people in there.

100 people risking their lives in Iraq (where the fuck is that?)

100 people placing 18 million Australians at the fore front of terrorist retaliation.

Q. What the fuck for?

A. No evidence of any reason.

April 06, 2004

Anonymous said:

If there was ever a time to stack up on cans of sardines and head for the hills now is it.

Keep out of the cities; thanks Mr Howard you dumb fuck.

Angry Pills - Northcote
April 07, 2004

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