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Apr 21st
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: blankblankblankblankblank
The sentencing of convicted Bali bomber Amrozi to death by firing squad has got me a little excited. I mean, like the rest of the country, I feel great that justice is being done by putting the "smiling assassin" up against the wall and shot. Makes me think I'm doing my bit o­n the war o­n terrorism. But if it's good enough for the democracy of Indonesia why isn't it good enough for here? Shouldn't we make a law that all terrorists are executed? 
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Edward DeBono suggested this week that the cure for terrorism is to devalue it.

His example went something like this:

- Each year in the USA 6000 people die from allergic reactions to over the counter pharmaceuticals, 170000 die in car crashes etc etc

Despite these statistics they don't ban car driving or prescribed drugs etc.

So within their statistics governments around the world should allow for an expected number of deaths through terrorism. -

So, after the next hotel gets bombed the government and media can keep it short and sweet: "44 people died yesterday when a mad terrorist bombed Dale's Dugout in Downtown Dallas. We are still 4297 terrorist deaths under this years expected quota, no big deal. Police will find and arrest these idiots and put them on trial for murder. Badaboom; now get back to work."

What we are getting instead is terrorism glorified. Amrosie goes down in history smiling with all of his values shared with the rest of the world. A shining example to all would be terrorists...
August 08, 2003


Thats just too damn simple!

And logical.
August 08, 2003

monsveneris said:

At last, the voice of reason speaks. This is the only civilised way to proceed with the so-called "war on terror", so cynically manipulated as it is by our woeful world leaders (I speak, of course, of the Three Amigos who alone in the world saw an peculiarly urgent need to invade Iraq, when we all thought Osame Bin Laden was the world's Number One threat!).

Executing the unfortunate and - clearly dim - Amrozi will indeed (contrary to our sly PM's remarks) set him up as a "martyr" in the eyes of like-minded relgious fanatics.

Certainly, his death will NOT bring back the dead or heal the wounds of his victims.

August 08, 2003

Anonymous said:

Bring back capital punishment and hang Howard for treason! If he wishes to trully fulfill his role as a bootlicking lackey of the USA, he should resign the Australian prime ministership and seek employment with Bush Oil Inc. I'm show Cheney has a backroom office for him somewhere!
August 10, 2003

Anonymous said:

So now it seems the Mendacious Midget supports capital punishment as well as locking up innocent refugee children in concentration camps.
August 14, 2003

Anonymous said:

Fuck Amrozi and fuck all Muslim extremists! In fact, fuck Amrozi, Osama, and all religious extremists! That includes the wackos (Billy Graham Jr and co, etc etc behind the Shrub adminsitration! (And no, Saddass wasn't one of them! In fact, he kept the mullahs under his heel, which is why the USA backed Saddass against the Ayatollah in Iran!) But as soon as the Shrub of the United Statates used the term "crusade", you just knew we were in for a fuckin disaster! The fuckin fall-out from this will make Sept 11 look like a sideshow skeet shoot! Fuckem all!
August 15, 2003

deadlink said:

Sorry bout that spray: there was no ice for my bourbon!
August 15, 2003


Keep it up!

And that way we can all cop a spray!
August 15, 2003

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