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Apr 19th
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: blankblankblankblankblank
If Uncle Suckhole is the father of
the Howardland Nation... Does that make him guilty of
incest or abuse of power,
or both things?
Does it open up the possibility
of him being gay?
Should we offer him as a sacrifice
to the Fertility God immediately,
or torture him first?
Can we be sure the God would not
be offended and smite us down?
Would his sacrifice be a waste of
useful petfood?
Is Wind Bagzly a jellyfish?
Do ducks quack?
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pigsywigsy said:

The responsiblity and the respect conundrum
presented here by 1 Chato
A character without reputation
For without love, you cannot hold truth
A man without love is an empty vessel
Men who seek to control others are often empty
In seeking fulfillment, they seek control
Knowing there is no love within, they naturally seek love from without
It is posited by 1 Chato without repute or repuation that 1 Howard
is an EMPTY vessel
Could it be true, that o­nce you become an empty vessel from within
then you can be controlled by forces from without
that certain say 'demonic' forces can act upon the soul of an empty straw man blowing in the wind?
1 Chato, considers this question here
1 Chato, against the world, a world of Howard voters
Australia is chock a block full of Howard voters
because they know bricks and mortar are hard
they also feel voting for a HARD man, they will get value for money
HOWARD the hollow? yet hard man
The conundrum of respect for a shadow man
Controlled from within, or without
An empty vessel?

November 04, 2005

misha said:

Stand up or roll over
November 05, 2005

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