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Apr 21st
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Home Life and Style Ethical Conundrums FOR FREE OR FOR FEE?


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What do we expect from our leaders?
What is fair these days?
Should a leader be paid a large
fee to destroy his nation, or
would it be more ethical and
fair if he did what needed to be
done and got the job done for free?
Should he cut and run with the
money, or spend it here?

For instance, if Ostrichlia has to
be sacrificed on the altar of
Globalism and left as a smouldering
social and economic ruin, should
the Prime Malignancy be paid a
fee in the hundreds millions of dollars,
or should it be rounded-up to a clean
Also, should the opposition leader get
generously paid for his work as well?
Is it fair that corporations should pay
most of these fees?
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misha said:

How to win an election, Rodent-style: pay a forestry union in a crucial electorate 4 Million bucks, and shower marginal conservative seats with heaps of "grants"... It's a sure bet!
October 07, 2005

Anonymous said:

smoke dope and be free. fuck them politicians. stick a needle in and float away....
its the best way.
i had a ground up Harry Potter E pill for breakfast...man i havent looked back.

me and me bitch dancing down the street.
they give those suicide bombers Ectsasy you know?

quick, me nose is running.

Time for the Corn Flour!!!!
Phil "Pothead" Williams
October 07, 2005

Chato said:

What are they taking in Canberra?

They must be sucking down some

pretty wild dope I reckon.
October 08, 2005

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