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Apr 20th
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to strip away incomes from NSW welfare bludgers.

One of the last obstacles to third-world levels of
Oz wages is being bulldozed into oblivion with the
powerful help of a fundamentalist, raving-loony,
charismatic, money-grubbing, religious racket.

Pastor Lou Cypher of Hellsong explained how
Hellsong was helping to redefine compassion:-

"Even though most charities strongly oppose the
policy of stripping all income from unemployed people
as morally unjustifiable, Hellsong has no hesitation
in applying strong moral correction to the bludgers
in the Dark Lord's community - all for a fee of course!"

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former dole victim said:

For a long time I was stuck without work or income and had no choice but submit to the humiliation and harrassment of the Rodent's Centrelink. The Salvos were given the task of providing me with "intsensive support" which basicly meant pocketing federal funding while doing nothing. When I asked why they weren't able to set me up with a job interview I was told that wasn't their role. Apparently their role was to get me "job ready" - whatever the fuck that is - but not actually find me a job!
July 17, 2006

saw this cute chick on the bus said:

...and she was reading some born again bullshit christian book by a Dr James Dobson.

Those Hillsong dickheads are a pox on humanity. She could be out there rooting around & having a good time. Instead she's worried about whether 'Satan" might tempt her.

It's fucking crazy!
July 17, 2006

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