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Apr 16th
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Home Life and Style Ethical Conundrums Hicks: Profit and security article.

Hicks: Profit and security article.

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Here is an interesting article from this morning. The latest in the fear mongering saga generated by the govt. Here 'tis:

How much of this effort to disallow him to sell his story is out of fear of reading what he has to say about the conditions and events he experienced in G-bay prison?

How much of the large security beef-up for Hicks in jail is for fear-mongering purposes and how much is necessary?

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Venting Wasabi said:

The Hicks plea bargain proves nothing. The phoney charges remain unproven and the "tribunal" process remains an obvious set-up. The gag order has no legal standing, neither here nor the US, since the "crimes" Hicks was eventually accused of did not exist in law at the time he was in Afghanistan. And whether he writes a book or not, there are plenty of other "worst of the worst" who have been released without charge who have amply described the Guantanamo gulag!
May 08, 2007

monsveneris said:

Like the Bush administration, the Howard government has abandoned the rule of law. Like the wahhabists, they abhore democracy and seek only to impose their will on others by any means possible.
May 09, 2007

Ricardovitz said:

The Drug guzzling hippies and aging anarchist punks crying about how others HAVE ABANDONED THE RULE OF LAW.

Well, you better wake up you drug-guzzling hippies and anarchist cripples, laws are made by those who are in power and made to be broken by those who usurp power from the weak. Your day is over. Our's is just beginning.
May 10, 2007

Tickle me pinkle said:

Most insecure and paranoid rednecks think that anyone not listening to "sweet home alabama" or that doesn't fit a preferred narrow stereo type are drug addicts and homosexuals.

At least by observing the stark contrast between the paranoid redneck and innovators and thinkers we can confirm that the human evolution process continues on unabated.

May 12, 2007

Bobby Joe said:

Deaf poofs are taking over the world.

Shoot them all for fuck sake before they anniliate us hetros and take over the world.
May 12, 2007

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