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Apr 18th
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Home Life and Style Ethical Conundrums Is Satan the only deity to promise a “feel good” Universe?

Is Satan the only deity to promise a “feel good” Universe?

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Well compared to the rest of the clowns we are supposed to worship... Look at The Bible:
Old Testament – No fun, just pain and misery
New Testament – Just boring old Jesus
Islam – Don’t get me started with this lot! Just think; no drinking!
Buddhism- Nothing but the void and rotten buttocks from meditation

Whereas those fun-loving Satanists seem to promise some fun for this lifetime, not just in the "next".

What do you think?

Flim Flam Man
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Anonymous said:

Zarathustra (the Polish one)
December 15, 2004

Anonymous said:

What about that chmooley or chawatyl or hayawatha whatshcmuck guy?
December 15, 2004

Anonymous said:

i remember the feel good universe...

when you could call a MP a cunt and not have ASIO going thru your garbage..

when you could call for the overthrow of the Australian Government and installation of Sharia law and not be locked away in solitary for 14 days...

when you could have fun with garden fertiliser and only get a complaint from the neighbour when you blew down the fence...

those days are now gone.

I blame Chato.


September 27, 2005

Chato said:

This is fucking Heaven mate.

Howard's Ostrichlia.

Love it or loathe it!
September 28, 2005

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