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Apr 16th
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What if you must die but they could save your cancer?

Would you, should you, allow it?

Remember, genetically your cancer is closer to you than any of your children.

It has a chance for immortality; would you block it?
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Anonymous said:

in my theory the intersection of the so-many alternate universes happens on the molecular scale. in fact the cancer you may have is just your body in another dimension; its random tissue structure the result of an alternate mathematical structure being inflicted onto our quadrants. Some scientists have peered at tumours and seen other life forms; they are in fact the 'brothers' from another dimension. your life will be expended by these inter-universal body snatchers; why do they poke thru our dimensional time warps? it is a question the bible refuses to answer. the life flow of these quasi-beings if somehow mastered could be a wormhole into another time, another life. whores who have been fucked longer than they would like often report that the penises of their clients glow effeminately with a dull blue glean as if goblins had resided in the knackers of those unable to pass their life away. essential to all of these inter-stellar tumour life forms are the flow of vital bodily fluids; limpid and dank ponds of serum infused liquids their sole source of existence in our strange afterworld. single cell analysis of the titanic tumour life forms from far away that infect our life forms reveal are tight cluster of genetic material around the solar cocyz and stiffened cellular structures indicative of gooey eyed bar girls from distant galaxies who desire only a nights rest. as i pound the wire in my laboratory my Chinese students hold court and plot my downfall; lost in a gaze at the computer screen my hands stray onto the secretary's lap. LA grange chairs of intergalactic beasts fill the room. there is a diffident air in the room as i stride out with a lump in my strides. this alien pussy has got a hold on me and there aint nothing a lumpin lad can do about it. dissipated pisswhipped downtrodden losers pound the streets of London only to realise that the mistake they made was to believe there was any hope; no there is none. for you your kidneys will serve the rich and your small pecker will be a bookmark. I wish I was a pirate...
January 20, 2006

Chato said:

I agree. It's a difficult issue.

Thanks for bringing commonsense

into this matter.
January 21, 2006

the truth is here said:

you only have to read it...
June 21, 2010

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