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Apr 21st
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More Moral Questions...

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Your blind and she is deaf.... Should you have children?

Is sex with dwarves ever permissible?

Once I wiped myself off on the dinner cloth and didn't tell anyone. Was it right or was it wrong?

Sometimes I just stand there and watch those young girl's asses bounce down the corridor. Do you? Either boy/girl boy/boy girl/boy girl/girl

After cooking, who should clean?
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YUGO said:

Here's another o­ne. XN summit 1 occurred at my house. XN Summit 2 occurred at Max's house. Now Tex is refusing to have XN summit 3 at his house. Is that ethical?
June 27, 2003

Anonymous said:

whats ther to summit over?

June 27, 2003

monsveneris said:

1) All children are "had', but many wise up eventually.

2) Anything is permissable with dwarves, as long as the dwarves are consenting.

3) Was that dinner cloth on your dinner table; alrighty then! If it was someone else's" you're a very naughty boy!

4) I watch young boys' asses, so...

5) Did you cook? Then relax and have another cognac and a cigar. You didn't cook? Put on that apron and get in the kitchen , bub!

June 30, 2003

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