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Apr 16th
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Home Life and Style Ethical Conundrums RODENTICIDE: is it really murder?

RODENTICIDE: is it really murder?

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Watch the Rodent squirm.

Caught between his pose of the strong
leader holding back undesirables, and
the need to grovel to the international
players who could expose him at any turn,
while trying to pretend that he respects
human rights and the rule of law as his
act as a compassionate christian is
revealed as a fraud, the Rodent will be
hard pressed to dart from one non-core
lie to the next in the near future.

The chooks of awful Oz history are coming
home to roost in Suckabilly house.
It is past time to remove the dirty rodent
that refuses to leave the place and let
the poor bloody chooks in.

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Mr_Jupiter said:

Is it only humane to put down an ailing animal: a rabid dog, for example. When it comes to filthy, disease-carrying pests, for the safety of the health and community at large, there really is only one solution.
April 11, 2006

agitprop said:

These treacherous lying fuck-heads have been sprung time and again in lie after fucken lie. What does it take to get this dense fucken country to yell enough is fucken enough! If you pulled this kind of shit at work you'd be on your ear like that! But these pricks keep getting away with their bullshit!
April 11, 2006

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