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Apr 16th
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Is this huge creature really as useless
and helpless as it seems to be?

It is about time for a debate on whether we should
try to save a creature that simply eats huge amounts
and gives nothing back but blasts of hot air.

Maybe we should just process its carcase for valuable
pet food and soap, instead of throwing more money at it.

It is not as if it did not have a chance to save itself.
God knows how much its supporters wished they could
have found a way to graft a backbone into it, as it
flopped around like a huge windbag of useless blubber.

Isn't it bad enough that we have to support the
parasitic social cancer that pretends to be the
Oz PM, without also having to feed the spineless,
Kim "The Whale" Blubberzly?
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LordyLordyLordy said:

To the Solomons so he can fight the fuzzy-wuzzies for Oz!
October 01, 2006

FlimFlamMan said:

before the commie crazies drop the bomb!
October 03, 2006

I agree 100% said:

All we are doing by "saving" the whales is perpetuating an inferior species that should have been killed off by now.  It eats fish that we could eat; but we can't eat the whale.  It turds up the ocean.  Also, if we go back to hunting whales, the o­nes that can survive will.  In other words, we help to elevate the species of whales that is more intelligent and more worthy of survival.

Just think of all of the starving children in this world that could be eating whale blubber; and not to mention alternative fuel vehicles that could burn whale blubber instead of gasoline!
October 03, 2006

Unregistered said:

Running on blubber! Instead of a diesel we would have a beazle, producing pure hot air as exhaust!
October 03, 2006

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