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Apr 16th
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Home Life and Style Ethical Conundrums THE EVIL STAIN ON OZ HISTORY


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Remembering the horror that has
darkened the spirit of Oz.
Can we ever remove the stain?

It is time to commemorate the act of
violence that has tragically ruined
the lives of those who are living
with the consequences of a series of
violent and cowardly attacks by a
puny psychopathic madman who was
following insane voices telling him
to kill and maim. The lucky ones are
those who did not survive, but the
suffering continues for far too many
unlucky survivors.

It is hard to believe that one madman
could have been allowed to take total
control of so many lives in that
terrible event a decade ago. That so
much power for evil was put in his
claw-like hands.

In an event of shocking horror, the
Oz public elevated a puny lunatic to
a position of power, but will never
live down the shame of having allowed
the little monster to be elected so
many times once it was clear that he
was, and is, insane.

Oz must try to make amends, and not
allow this to happen ever again.
Obviously we cannot change what has
happened, but we can help stop any
more carnage in future by making the
little nazi suckhole and his team of
deformed misanthropic monsters face a
people's court, receive fair trials,
and then all be burnt at the stake.

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misha said:

I can understand Johnny the Human Virus wanting to remain PM forever, but how come Bomber Beezlebub doesn't want to be Leader of the Opposition... or PM... or anything?
April 30, 2006

Chato said:

Misha, it's a mystery, but where's the Federal Labor party?
April 30, 2006

pigsywigsy said:

It was so sly of you not to write the name 'Martin Bryant' and
to also, not write the name 'Honourable John Howard Member of Parliment'.

One name slaughtered 19 people.
The other 250,000 iraqis.

Who's the biggest criminal psycopath? 
April 30, 2006

ziggy said:

There are many forms of evil. Bryant was one. Bush is another. John Howard also another. We who hope to remain civilised must not allow these sick monsters to overwhelm us with their lies, delusions and aggression
May 01, 2006

Anonymous said:

Seems like our 70 year old PM wants to organise the Solomons Government as well as the one in Iraq.

Talk about "bringing democracy"; this guy is an out and out bullshit artist!

May 01, 2006

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