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Apr 18th
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When Is Work Done

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A guide to Communist Logic and Reason According to Comrade Tony Kushelew, physics states that work is done when a force is applied to move an object over a distance. This requires the expenditure of energy. For example moving bricks or mixing mortar by hand is work. The energy is supplied by the contraction of human muscles, which could be performed just as easily by robotics. Thus, working humans, slaves, rushing rivers, and robotics all expend energy.

Because the capitalist, the owner of the means of production, pays workers only a fraction of the gross revenue of the products that the worker helped produce, the owner benefits from the production and sale of goods. According to Communist Logic, the "source" source of the Owner's profit was derived, in part, from those he employed to produce the products that the Owner designed, marketed, coordinated production, sold and accounted for. The Communist declares that when a house is built with labor employed by the capitalist, with plans designed by and paid for by the capitalist, on land owned by the capitalist, the capitalist can make a profit in the form of money when the completed housing unit, or "commodity" is sold.

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION to capitalist pigs not paying labor all of the owner's profits? How can we stop Owners from stealing the profits of labor when work is done? There is only one solution. Yes, it is a radical solution, but it is the only solution that will succeed. Here is our 4 part plan for achieving a perfect redistribution of wealth to perpetuate Communism the way it was intended:

1. Persons who own more than 50 acres of land shall be designated public administrators who shall govern their "autonomous regions", These Public Administrators shall only answer to the Supreme Public Administrator, who shall take the place of Prime Minister and all members of Parlament in Australia.

2. Persons who own land, less than 50 acres must sell their land to a Public Administrator who owns the adjacent larger tract of land, at a price designated by the SPA. In return for their land, they will be given the tilte of "Wealth Redistributor", and given the task of collecting 100% of anything of value in his district, keeping 10% for himslef, and remitting 90% to the local PA. The Local PA shall then give 50% of his 90% to the SPA who shall use it to protect Australia from forigners and administer the Local PA's.

3. The local PA shall implement rules and regulations geared toward obtaining maximum productivity from non-land owners (called Comrades). Comrades shall be permitted to live and work on the PA's land, so long as he/she complies with the PA's rules and regulations and pays all profits to the PA for the collective good.

3. The PA shall make sure that Comrades are given what they need to maximize productive output. The PA shall remit 50% of all profit to the SPA, before the Wealth Redistributor takes his 10% and before anything gets redistributed to Comrades.

4. Each PA shall compete for total productive output, which shall be measured anually by the SPA. The lowest producing PA district will be redistributed to the highest producing PA district on an anual basis, until there is only one PA district left. When only one PA district is left, the SPA will no longer be needed and will be forced to disolve, leaving a New Communist Nation of Comrades all working for one Public Administration.

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YUGO said:

If we're talking physics then everything is in motion all the time and so work is always being done. Or perhaps work is never done because work is always in progress.
November 08, 2007

Cynical observer said:

Motion itself does not mean work, acceleration/deceleration does.
(think of orbiting moons etc.)
The lecturer sure wasted his time with you Yugo.
November 09, 2007

YUGO said:

Dark Energy is doing a lot of work then because the expansion of the Universe is accelerating.

P.S. The lecturer didn't turn up that day. Rumour was that you were sucking his dick in the staff room.
November 09, 2007

Cynical observer said:

That has nothing to do with your first mistake, and you know it. Don't try to cheat Yugo, your nose will turn into John Howard.
November 09, 2007

YUGO said:

Nonsense my good CO. Perhaps I phrased it poorly but Dark Energy is precisely what I had in mind when I made my first comment. Did you know our orbiting moon is decelerating? Months are getting longer. I would hazard a guess that there are no constant velocities in any bodies in the Universe and that everything is either decelerating or accelarating be it ever so slight.

P.S. Did he come in your mouth. Did you spit or swallow?
November 09, 2007


Take it easy fellows.
November 09, 2007

Ricardovitz said:

Just 'cause someone tells you "the expansion of the universe is accelerating", you believie it. Well, Ol' Ricardovitz is here to tell you that ain't no Universe expanding at an accelerated rate. It's not even expanding - it's just an illusion, faulty data, limitations of 50 year old lumps of flesh called "brains" trying to comprehend the incomprehensible.

The reality is that you ain't any more smart than an ant. When an ant looks up into the night sky, he knows and understands only slightly less than you do. In fact, the difference between what you know and what an ant knows about the Universe is insignificant. You's both just about as stupid on this subject - and I ain't excluding myself, neither.

BTW, how do you like my plan for the New Communism?
November 09, 2007

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