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Apr 23rd
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Home Life and Style Ethical Conundrums When is she too old to root?

When is she too old to root?

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50? 60? Does it depend on the ratio of your age to her age?
Whether she can get it wet?

Please readers of Xenox News let me know your opinion.
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Anonymous said:

Whether you can get her wet mate; good luck

July 15, 2004

Anonymous said:

I hear you can get porno of 100 year olds at it. Is this true?


July 15, 2004

Anonymous said:

You'll find out soon enough, sonny jim!
July 16, 2004

Anonymous said:

guess your blue balls are getting to you?
July 16, 2004

Anonymous said:

In the immortal words of Frank from Blue Velvet:

"I'll fuck anything that moves!"

Now just pass me the oxygen....
July 16, 2004

Anonymous said:

Well fuck it. I'm gunna go for it. Not getting anything anywhere else.

Next time we're at the bus stop; I'll make the move that'll have Granny holding my Banany!



pa thanks for the support guys
July 16, 2004

Anonymous said:

If you're old and ugly you don't stand a chance.  if you're young and full of cum, then it's a breeze.
July 19, 2004

Anonymous said:

Is this a related article?

Screwing Old Women
July 19, 2004

Chato said:

When you look at her face and can't be sure

it isn't John Howard you are gazing at,

it is time to give her a miss.
August 24, 2005

Unregistered said:

Non-core Johnny slept with his old mum. Does that help?
July 24, 2006

FlimFlamMan said:

that answers this conundrum.
January 21, 2007

Pervy Pete said:

When is she too old to root?

I'd say never; cause even if she is dead there will be somewhere you can rub your dick.
April 18, 2011

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