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Apr 20th
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Home Life and Style Ethical Conundrums XENOXNEWS ANSWERS ETHICAL QUESTIONS


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1. When is it right to kill the occupier?

Answer: I don't know. Ask Patriot maybe.

2. My Missus came home last night smelling of mushrooms. Had she been eating dick?

Answer: What the fuck! You mean tha bitch had a husband!
3. I am ashamed to admit I support the dear leader in public. Should I tell my friends I voted for 70 year old Aussie PM Howard?

Answer: Sure, tell them. Most likely they did as well but that won't stop them whinging about the 'guvvernment' and 'lying politicians'.

4. I was in the shower just now having a wank and my dick started bleeding. Should I tell my mum?

Answer: I leave that one to our readership.

5.. I staggered out the backdoor last night and flopped down on the grass. Crazy thoughts filled my mind; what if I am divine? What if I am truly god? I got up and strutted like a new born cock 'o' roost. It must be true, right?

Answer: For me this question does define the new millennium; am I god and how will our society accommodate this? I have no answer. Keep falling down perhaps.

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Anonymous said:

Cant you put a bandaid on it?
June 12, 2005

Loony Les said:

Maybe it was too small for one?
April 21, 2011

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" A gentleman can live through anything. He faces anything. A gentleman accepts the responsibility of his actions and bears the burden of their consequences, even when he did not himself instigate them but only acquiesced to them, didn’t say No though he knew he should. "
Extract from 'The Rievers' by William Faulkner

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