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Apr 23rd
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Home Science Images of the Body FINGERNAIL DAY 24


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Look close. It is there.
A new phenomenon is happening. A thin remnant of the original splinter seems to be stuck within my nail (it is within the highlighted circle). I consulted a specialist. She told me that it must have remained embedded in the nail bed and grown into the new nail. The pain from this is electrifying. I sit up all night squeezing my finger and lapping on a brew of codeine and single malt liquor. My knuckles are now also beginning to swell as the infection proceeds down my digit.
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Anonymous said:

I just want bang bang bang
February 07, 2003

Anonymous said:

bang bang she rang.
February 07, 2003

Anonymous said:

Your DIGIT??? That's GOTTA hurt!
February 07, 2003

Anonymous said:

Your doctor is neglegent.

Just get them to get burn a little hole in the nail and it should fall off, then you can clean it up.

February 07, 2003

Anonymous said:

nail bed? bed of nails?
February 07, 2003

Anonymous said:

Incompetent doctor, burn a hole in the fucker and lose the nail, then scrape the shit out
February 09, 2003

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