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Apr 23rd
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It fuckin' hurt!

A 5cm wooden splinter was inserted underneath this fingernail 7 days ago. The splinter was removed after the application of local anaesthetic. A tetanus shot and a course of antibiotics followed. However 7 days later the nail is discoloring. Will it stay on or will it fall off? Join Xenox News as we follow it on its journey.
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Anonymous said:

How did you manage to hold the volunteer down when you inserted the splinter?
January 21, 2003

Anonymous said:

I'll do anything for Xenox News. Anything.
January 21, 2003

Anonymous said:

That finger looks familiar - EVA
January 21, 2003

Anonymous said:

Did is hurt as much as knob ache?
January 21, 2003

Anonymous said:

I fell on my coccyx onnce: it aint a pretty sight!

Dusty Davo from Derrimut
January 22, 2003

Let me twy Pontiuth said:

I had a plinther like that oneth.
February 17, 2011

Frodo's fuck buddy said:

Oh that fingernail looks just like Frodo's.... just after he dug them into my back ;)
February 17, 2011

FlimFlamMan said:

That you; Samwise Gamgee???
December 02, 2011

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