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Apr 21st
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Home Entertainment Jokes Artificial Life in 3 to 10 Years

Artificial Life in 3 to 10 Years

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: blankblankblankblankblank
Well likely in 3 to 10 years. Maybe Howard will be able to build Liberal voters from scratch! Full story here
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FlimFlamMan said:

What makes you think their life is artificial and ours is real?
August 21, 2007

YUGO said:

I was paraphrasing the original headline. I have no such opinion.
August 21, 2007

FlimFlamMan said:

have an opinion!

Are you not man enough!

I'll give you mine...

I am real. The rest of life is artificial.
August 21, 2007

YUGO said:

There is no wish. There is no wash. Cool cherry cream and a nice apple tart coconut fudge and a savoy truffle.
August 21, 2007

Herr Fuckhead said:

Got any more new Page 3 pics?

They alwys make my day nice and sticky!
August 21, 2007

YUGO said:

We all know Obla-Di-Bla-Da
But can you show me, where you are?..
August 21, 2007

YUGO said:

August 21, 2007

Betty Bluerinse said:

How about a hot, hard pic of that young spunk John Howard? Every time I see him on the tube I have to go and get my smelling salts! I don't care how artificial he is, he sure puts a spring into my old walking frame anyway!
August 21, 2007

herr Fudgeknuckle said:

August 21, 2007

herr fudgeknuckle said:

got any nude pics of dwarf women?
August 21, 2007

YUGO said:

She's holding a life size replica of your blood sucking dick herr Fudge Knuckle.
August 21, 2007

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