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Apr 19th
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Home Entertainment Jokes Sick of Reason?

Sick of Reason?

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: blankblankblankblankblank
Fuck I am.

for no good reason.

Economics Lesson #1
"Ya all fuckin cunts; who I am gunna fleece today" Tsk tsk Tsk

Would you like to fuck Virginia Trioli? I reckon she would be the worst root ever.

But then again...
when you aint got a root any tree will do

I got up this morning
and had to go to fucking work.
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Ricardovitz said:

"Your comment contains unacceptable content and has been rejected"

The truth is out there, and Austraians are scared of someone like me who isn't afraid to take the golves off and shove the truth down your throat or up your arse, whichever works.
November 09, 2007

Howard Hater said:

Ricky, Aussies are too stupid and mean to be afraid.
November 09, 2007

Vitabritz said:

Ricardo (Cuban expat?) judging from your previous posts you and "the truth" have yet to cross paths.
November 09, 2007

Howard Hater said:

When this awful old Dogturd goes out on one of his public media slithers, they are there - following him. His adoring mindless tapeworms.
"We love you Prime Minister." "Do you have something for me John?" "Can we suck the worms out of your arse John?" "We need to crawl up your arse John!"
How did so many Aussies become grovelling, gutless crawlers?
November 10, 2007

Cynical observer said:

When were Aussies ever different?
November 10, 2007

Howard Hater said:

If non-core John gets back in, the John-voting fools will soon realize their mistake, but it will be too late to punish the old creep. They will have lost their chance, and will live in regret as grinning John takes off with their loot.
November 10, 2007

Ricardovitz said:

You've been so brainwashed by "the government" that you've long lost the ability to survive on your own. You can't hunt. You can't dress your kill. You can't farm. All you can do is live on what "the government" doles out to you. You have no instincts and no ability to recognize the truth even when it's crashing down upon you.

You are the perfect slave. All I have to do is purchase you from your present master.
November 10, 2007

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