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Apr 16th
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Home Entertainment Jokes The useless cunt has lost

The useless cunt has lost

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: blankblankblankblankblank
The little cunt has lost the election and hopefully his seat. Fuck you John Howard you worthless nazi shit. Goodfuckin' riddance. Now commit suicide and fuck off you useless racist fuckwit. We won't miss you. Knock knock Who's there?John who?Forgotten the insignificant little cunt already?
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Pete said:

Hate the turd, goodbye arsehole
November 24, 2007

Howard Hater said:

Johnny's little mortgage-belt aspirationals who supported him last time, have realized their mistake - too late the fools!
The silly old blue-rinse dears will have to find another heart-throb now that Lover-Boy has gone.
November 24, 2007

Unregistered said:

Loved seeing little Johnny lose. He will go down in history as the most dishonest man in Australian politics. A racist, a liar and a thief of credit for the economic good times set up by Hawke and Keating. Howard was NOT good for the economy - he was also very luck to ride o­n the back of China's boom - and he squandered 11 years - Has he spent a cent o­n apprenticeships, training or education? Anything o­n telecommunications? No. Thanks to Johnny we have the slowest internet in the OECD. -When the China resources boom drys up, we will pay for your inactivity Johnny.
November 25, 2007

Chicken Little (chook of steel) said:

It won't be long now. Now that the commo unions have cut away the supports for the sky, it will come crashing down on all you fools who did not believe the warnings! Oh John, where are you now we need you?
November 25, 2007

Plain as daylight said:

Rudd = Howard

So stop your carping
November 25, 2007

Sunny Jim said:

The old bastard longed to go down in history... well, he did! Good riddance to rotten garbage and lets hope little Kev will do the right thing all round
December 03, 2007

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