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Apr 16th
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Home World Middle East Our Security in the Hands of Idiots

Our Security in the Hands of Idiots

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It never ceases to amaze me how keen "patriots" are to abandon democractic principles in the Bush clique's "war on terror": it's precisely what Bin Laden and his supporters want, to destroy "our way of life". Well, Bush, Blair and Howard are the one's that are recklessely destroying democracy in our respective nations, not Bin Laden.

If Bin Laden was such a threat, the U.S. would NEVER have invaded Iraq.

And really, does anyone really believe an ailing individual hiding out in some isolated mountainous region of Pakistan is behind all these terrorist incidents? No, of course, not, these are separate acts with a common cause.

The only way these "terror" groups can be fought is with the rule of law and international cooperation, the very thing George W bush has deliberately abandoned.

We are in the hands of idealogical idiots.
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Chato said:

The public is being fed a deliberatly

distorted view of what "TERRORISTS" are.

For their part, the citizens do not

wish to find out any awful truth,

and suck in the pap fed to them by

the clapped-out mass media.

The "nation" is sleep-walking to

August 01, 2005

agitprop said:

Those dumb fucken patriots betray their inherent fascistic nature! And too fucken right: why go after Saddam if Osama was the big fucken threat they keep making him out to be! More fucken people die of food poisoning each year than terrorism! It's all a fucken snow job so the Shrub can suck dry the world!
August 01, 2005

RepoMan said:

The highly esteemed and prized Maltese thinker Edward DeBono suggested on the matter of terrorism, that it should be 'de-valued' instead of highlighted. He suggested governments should put the small number of deaths into a statistic, similar to the road toll or heroin deaths.

The idea of giving it such great importance, changing our whole way of life because of it, only makes the strategy more successfully inviting to any would be terrorist.

If this road was taken then the death count would be released as a number - i.e. in the past decade 3800 people were killed due to crazy terrorist attacks. International Police Agencies are looking into these murders.

Instead we have a world in turmoil and the Western retaliation strategy has created a civilian death count of well over 200,000... sigh

all these dead people in Iraq because some Saudi ran a terrorist attack..um...no...weapons of mass destruction...no something to do with Afghanistan.. oh...whatever it was that we have to slaughter and Dresdenise Iraq.

Can anyone remember why our country Australia, USA and Britain are slaughtering all of these Muslim people?

August 01, 2005

Chato said:

It may seem that DeBono has outclassed

the "THINKERS" in Canberra, until

you realize that they have an

agenda they dare not reveal.

But the Ostrichlian public have no

appetite for the truth and would

simply forget it 5 minutes later.
August 05, 2005

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