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Apr 16th
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Home Local Oz Politics "Hymie" Quits As Victorian Premier

"Hymie" Quits As Victorian Premier

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Ineffectual and compliant ALP leader Steve Bracks quit as Victorian Premier yesterday.

His reign will be remembered as achieving very little and for not upsetting those that own the applecart.

His boss, Rupert Murdoch, got his little paper to praise his farewell. The rest of the Victorian community yawned, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

They know it won't make a lick of difference to the way their state is run.
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Cabinet Whisperer said:

The best thing Bracks did for Victoria was topple that arsehole Kennett! Beyond blue? beyond fucking belief!
July 28, 2007

Chato said:

Why hang around? You need not see the Oracle to realize the financial wheels are falling off the pathetic globalist applecart. What rhymes with Global Financial Catastrophe?
I'm sure that most senior politicians know that the globalist game is finished - at least as we have known it. Nuclear warfare anyone?
July 28, 2007

Ex-ALP voter said:

Bracks main achievement is the 2030 scam.

In the name of 2030 we have seen and will continue to see the destruction of parkland, nature reserves, sporting grounds, large house blocks, river valleys - all too feed property developers and shopping centre consortiums.

The '2030 clause' is used every day state wide at VCAT to allow developers to run ripshod over communities.

Bracks' 2030 also purports to be an environmentally and effective population growth strategy however the same model has failed miserably around the world.

Halting the suburban sprawl is the catch cry, however Bracks only a few months ago approved the sale thousands of hectares of land tracts around Melbourne to developers.

To understand how much bullshit this whole thing, one of the critical components of the 2030 strategy is public transport. However studies are showing that 85% of trains are currently operating beyond safety limits. Bracks' solution - 4 new trains coming - in 2010....

Meanwhile the property developers are making trillions and our suburbs are turning into ghettos.

Thanks Bracks
July 28, 2007

Ex_Liberal_Voter said:

Ex-ALP voter, they are all into it - mass immigration, multiculturalism, development, urban consolidation etc.. Call it what you will, it is really economic, social, political, and environmental rape. The pressing need? For billionaires to get their next billion, of course. What does the dopy public get? Lots of fireworks and spectacles, ID Cards, poverty, crowding, disease, pollution, violence, and lots of good stuff like that.
July 28, 2007

Pissed Backbencher said:

Well they never got furthur than the drawing board.
What did I want?

A heart in every home.
A dream in every bed.

The sky filled with stars.
A less than painfilled future.

A place that was...

I put my feet up and I dreamed. I had the portfolio of Dreams.

I dreamed I meet the right one.
And she was so far away.

I asked her...
"Can I waste some time with you?"

I was a dreamy backbencher. Never made no Caucaus. No yes-man vote for my leader.

Now Hymie is gone it is obviously time to move on.

The world? I will answer it's call.
July 28, 2007


...he third-world public transport system, the useless but ever expanding car parks called freeways! and that cancer at the heart of society the friggin casino o­n which our glorious state budget surplus depends!
July 28, 2007


That's what we got. A bloody shithouse. Greasy developers constructing the congested, unaffordable slums of the near future. Did I mention the political party and media whore cheer squads? Progress? My arse!
July 29, 2007

Digger said:

Bracks wasn't fit to wipe Jeff Kennett's boots. He has been living off the legacy of Victoria's greatest Premier but now the chickens are coming home to roost, so Bracksy and his queer mate are leaving. What a surprise!

You can expect the same weak-kneed leadership from Kruddy. As soon as things turn tough he will turn tail and run.


July 29, 2007

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