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Apr 20th
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Titillating titbits.

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Slapping the left over sausage sideways.
Headlines from forgotten provinces. People of the world demand an entrance to the Promised Land.
Once head, now dead.
Can we fit them all in?
Cancer Breakthrough: find it earlier and die at same time.

Science. That seems to be the answer.

Just drip drops that spatter down from the table. Had the gun in his mouth and fall face forward on the pasta. The sunshine bores the daylights out of me. I must say I'm very concerned about that last twinkling, that moment between switched on and switch off. Some say you be unconscious. Surely not. If you don't have to face the end I just don't know what the point of living may be.

Gingham Girls, Baby Girls, Pass me by in tears...

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Anonymous said:

Lordy, the "point of living" is so sharp is hurts.
October 24, 2003

Anonymous said:


her eyes stared at mine.

wrapped in a kimono I'd make her moan-o


and then the gentle float
April 02, 2005

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