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Apr 20th
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Not So Sticky Site

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: blankblankblankblankblank
Of the 10,000 or so unique visitors who visited in us in May 87% of you only hung around for less than 30 seconds! What's the matter with you people? Most of you are coming for a perve at the page 3 girls. Well we moved them so check them out in the new gallery. Please tell us what we can do.... goddamn it we should put up some Google ads and try an earn a few dollars from this..... might pay for the hosting....
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Ricardovitz said:

I love it when anarchists turn capitilist! It must have something to do with heads that need to be shaved v. heads that no longer need to be shaved.

Sort of reminds me of those Hippies that have about 4 hairs left on the ack of their heads that they try to brade and put a bead or two in. Meanwhile they can't find their heart medication because Altzheimers is kicking in full-gear.

I love it when the radicals turn old. They get sucked up by the big giant Capitalist Vacuum and are forced to conform; forced to succumb; forced to assimilate. It's so weak, yet it's a testimony to the strength of the conservative masses. Squashed like bugs by nothing else but their own frailty and the weight of the masses. Absolutely mindless, yet absolutely effective. Perfect, even!

I savor the day that Anarchists and Hippies are nothing more than drooling flesh kept alive in warehouses called nursing homes. That's when We're really going to rock-&-roll, boys and girls! Hold onto your E-tickets, 'cause times, they are a chang'n.
June 26, 2007

Royce Boyce said:

30 second more than long enough for me. Then I need to take a breather, wait at least half another half hour before loading up again.
June 26, 2007

Pervy Pete said:

Put more jiggly boob pics and videos up and I'd stay longer.
June 26, 2007

Jiggly Boob Purveyor said:

Will this do?

June 26, 2007

Chato said:

Do a pic of Johnny impaled on a sharp stick, and I'll look at it for an hour!
- Vlad (Make no mistake, I like a stake)
June 27, 2007

LordyLordyLordy said:

is that Vlad or Chato???
June 27, 2007

Herr Fudgeyknuckles said:

30 seconds is longer than I last most times...
June 27, 2007

YUGO said:

Now who said that? I can't remember anymore.
June 27, 2007

YUGO said:

June 27, 2007


Chato, if you keep mocking Vlad, you will decorate a sharpened stake yourself!
June 27, 2007

LordyLordyLordy said:

Never trust a hippie
June 27, 2007

Pervy Pete said:

And I'll keep coming back.
June 29, 2007

Here are said:

June 29, 2007

Zenomorph said:

All you fascists are bound to lose Ricky! Your boy President Shrub is about as popular IN THE USA as the bubonic plague... the times they surely are a'changin' big time, redneck!
June 30, 2007


We will remain drug-guzzling Anarchists for the rest of our days.

Have a listen to our editorial "meetings". We are way to dis-organised to ever become capitalist.
July 03, 2007

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