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Apr 19th
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Post PostNuke

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: blankblankblankblankblank
Postnuke is dead and our recent poll has determined that John Howard is a bastard.

Zikula is PostNule reborn but it has no gallery (or any other modules other than the core), and we're going to lose most of our features(?) if we move to it.

Time to bite the bullet and select another CMS. Joomla and Xoops are my favourites and I recommend using one of those but it's going to be a mammoth task moving all this crap into one of those. However I could set up one of these and leave PostNuke in place and slowly move content into it but I don't want to be the only one involved.

Perhaps we can have another meeting and discuss this opportunity to restructure the site to deal with the coming Apocalypse as we move forward into the new millienium.

Comments please.
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i agree bite the bullet...

I will contact you direct Yugo and we can discus further.
August 18, 2008

Cynical observer said:

I fear that this is how the collapse of the known Universe begins. However, it is a relief that John Howard is still a confirmed bastard.
August 18, 2008

Ezekiel said:

Let the Golden Age begin. Let humanity shine brightly before it falls so that all souls remember the lesson well upon their return.
August 18, 2008

Max said:

Maybe the "old" XN should remain as some sort of hysterical historical archive and we just work on the "new" XN as if from scratch?
August 18, 2008

God said:

I spoke to Ezekiel? I can't remember that. I think it must have been a spammer Ezekiel. Check your e-mail again.
August 19, 2008

Longfellow said:

I'm not talking to you cos you do not exist.
August 19, 2008

Ricardovitz said:

Hell, I'm gonna take the name and start up a hole new thang called Xenox News. Why don't y'all jest turn it over to me now?

I reckon I got lots of good iders to get folks readin and writin here. Here's some fer free:

1. Post full text of the Anarchyists Cookbook
2. Have a gun-nuts chat room
3. How 'bout an Aborigionee Of The Week contest?
4. Let's all get involved in the Dixie grass-roots political cause.
5. Y'all could sell BB-Q Kangaroo meat and Kangaroo wallets with Dixie flags burnt into 'em.
6. How 'bout "Bubba's Beer-Guzzlin Picture Book"?
7. How's 'bout a "Pertiest Mouth" contest?
8. And, thar's the John Howard Count-down Lottery. All's you got to do is have some honest Joe run the books and have everyone contribute 1 Aussie Buck to guess the hour and day of John Howard's death - y'all 'd like that contest.
9. How about a Cyber Cock-Fighting or Cyber Dawg-Fighting?
August 19, 2008

Ricardovitz said:

ter thet derranged, butt-sniffin, preverted, fake Ricky 'n his pig-stickin contests. Jist try these ginoowine Clayton hill-folk events.
1. Prisin gold fillins outta Jew's teeth
2. The purtiest pig's butt
3. Jist killin everthang yer kin see
4. Havin the best hill-folk mutations
5. Most pride fer not been a nigra
6. Teachin sissys what real butt punchin is
7. Biggest arse parasite eatin contest
8. Rollin in mud with real Dixie hill-boys
August 19, 2008

Unregistered said:

certified... imbeciles!
August 20, 2008

Yugo said:

setting it up
August 24, 2008

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