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Apr 20th
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Take me off here

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: blankblankblankblankblank
How do I get my username deleted from this website? I want to be deregistered from Xenoxnews blog/forum please.
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Cynical observer said:

Sulky bastard, isn't he?
November 01, 2007

Ricardovitz said:

In the world of "anarchy", what happens when all them anarchists gang up to beat the crap out of former friend and anarchist companion?

I guess the weaker anarchist cries a little and then anounces his departure. Well, that's the way it works here on cyber-space, I rekon.

Now, then, what happens if there is a secret faciast amoung all them anarchists just a pretend'in to be an anarchist. He keeps peeling off the problem anarchists until he's left with them anarchists he can control and order around. Poof, anarchy turns to faciast rule, and the world is beautiful again.

Ain't it just fine and dandy the way things work out when you are a member of the Human Race!
November 01, 2007

Unregistered said:

Anarchist's don't gang up on anybody. If they do then they are no longer Anarchists.
November 01, 2007

BB said:

There is no anarchist here, only the antichrist.
November 01, 2007

Bealzebub said:

For the record, Ron started bullying for no good reason before he got sat on.

It appeared that he thought that people were ignoring him and that he then took it out on someone else for posting an unrelated article to his fund raising idea.

If anybody has way too much time on their hands you can go back and check it out, all the time stamps will still be there.

Farewell knobhead
November 01, 2007

Ricardovitz said:

Gang Up? Too organasised!  Anarchist's don't gang up o­n anybody. If they do then they are no longer Anarchists.

Now, ain't that sompthing, Praise God.

November 01, 2007

Herr Fucknuckle said:

stop all the fightin' and a hatin'...

and get back to the lovin' and a rootin'
November 01, 2007

Unregistered said:

Where the white women at?
November 01, 2007

Dr Sax said:

They are all in rehab.
November 01, 2007

Happy Hammond said:

Oh I praise god as often as i can, holding him tight, tight, tighter, until his head swells up big and red and ready to erupt... there, there, THERE! Oh, thank you jesus, thank you lord, another glorious revelation, all over the keyboard!
November 01, 2007

Herr fucknuckle said:

hey happy. Thats my shtick your stealing there!
November 02, 2007

Liberal Party still Winning Hearts and Minds said:

Smegma - no matter how you spell it, John has plenty. Once you have tasted old-man smegma, you will never forget it!
November 02, 2007


You are right! John is chock-full of old-man smegma. Never seen a worse case. Filthy load of old pus, that John.
How did everyone find out?
I guess the truth always gets out eventually, but would most Aussie galoots know it?
November 02, 2007

Ricardovitz said:

YOU CAIN'T LEAVE, BOY. We own ya. I gota right mind to tar womp you like I'd womp a angry steroid crazed chicken. Now all'y'all git back ta work!!!!!!
October 06, 2009

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