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Apr 16th
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We Are Having Comment Spam Overload

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So all comments are being vetted before publication. We thank you for your patience and hope you continue to contribute.

This will be a temporary measure until we unleash XenoxNews.com Mk2 in the next few weeks...months...years...

How long will it take Yugo?
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Lord_Cthulhu said:

Kill them - make them die - horribly! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
September 09, 2008

Ricardovitz said:

Y'all done screwed the pooch. Turned a ordinary slow movin, do nothin, nobody gived a nevermind website into a dead-as-dick-livers graveyard.
September 10, 2008


We been around over 7 years on the web...20 years on paper...

At the moment we are having a quiet time before we upgrade.
September 10, 2008

Ricardovitz said:

Ever been to Witchitaw Falls Texas? I done rode my motorsickle from Georgia ta Santa Fe NM and back some years 'go. Stopped over in Witchata Falls TX one cold 'n rainy night. Stayed at some dot-indian motel. Twern't nothin 'but roaches on thar bed and a pipe stickin into the tub fer bath water. That thar dot-indian at least wern't lyin 'bout there bein hot water, so's I could warm up a bit.

Anywhoo - some scumbag Texamexican or somethin done stole the footpegs off my motorsickle and I had to make me some footpegs from some pipe I found 'tween the drywall, till I could git me some new ones in Amorillo. I was madder than spit at them dot-indians, so I's did a burnout right by thar front door, smokin up that dot-injun's rat-hole of a lobby. Still madder than spit over it, cain't seem to git over that.

Anywhoo - Witchita Falls Texas is a dirty rotten stakn-hole of a town. Ugliest city 'tween Clayton and Santa Fe....cept maybe Jackson Mississippi. Thar's some real ugliness.
September 10, 2008

Buy buy said:

step right up, never needs ironing, free dick extension, its only a dollar, free brochure, free brochure
September 11, 2008

YUGO said:

You can start adding categories and sections any time you like Tex! In other words start building the skeleton of the new site whenever you have time.

Pervis is going to add some things too. My only role will be to provide a skin and perhaps have a go at moving some of this crap into the new CMS.

September 11, 2008


now all i have to do is remember my pasword in....
September 11, 2008

YUGO said:

reflects the state of your footy team mate.
September 11, 2008


nows i rememeber!
September 11, 2008

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