September 11 - boredom.

Created: Wednesday, 12 September 2007 Written by Ron
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I see 9/11 as a commodity and a product. People want the new and improved version of all their products like soap flakes and muesli. In this "instant gratification" and fast paced life we lead in the 21st century, with new products and services coming out all the time to meet the demands of an easily bored and distracted West, is it any wonder that people may be getting bored with listening and reading about stuff about 9/11 ??
How come they expect us to keep talking about and debating that day's events for 6 years without end? This makes no sense when you consider all the new gadgets and services available to consumers in this time. And don't tell me the news story about 9/11 is not a commodity. If there was any news story that has become a commodity, that is certainly "it".

So anyway, depending on who you think was responsible (the U.S., Israel, Bin Laden, Palestinians, Larry Silverstein or Mossad etc...) I wonder when they will offer us another news story like that to keep us interested in living a consumer-based life, here in The West?..... and fence-in our minds, keeping within the confines of the dominant paradigm.