Hallelujiah, Facebook & Fanatics!

Wednesday, 30 March 2022 By Max Gross

Once again Facebook has temporarily banned me from its “social media” platform because I said mean things about the bizarre Hillsong megachurch. And since I am permanently banned by Twitter for saying mean things about serial RWNJ Milo Yappapopolous, I shall vent my spleen here.

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Hillsong is a so-called “charismatic” Pentecostal scam operation favoured by Australia’s Pentecostal scam prime minister, Sloth Morrison. My crime? Inciting violence! Just for saying “Bulldoze the entire site”! My punishment? I am blocked from posting or commenting for 2 days. I am blocked from taking part in groups for 6 days. My posts will be ‘moved lower in Feed for 29 days’, FFS!

Hillsong’s founder Brian Houston recently resigned because of “inapproriate behaviour” towards two women. In January he “stepped down” as the director of all Hillsong boards to defend a criminal charge that he concealed his father’s child sexual abuse. Houston’s father Frank invented the Christian Life Centre scam – a precursor to Hillsong – and was known as a pedophile within the so-called “chuch”. Indeed, an internal church investigation had uncovered as many as nine cases of child sexual abuse but no one reported it to the police.

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Sloth Morrison PM

In 2013, the Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse began investigating churches and institutions throughout Australia and found that Brian had failed to report Frank to the police as was required by law. Last year police charged Brian Houston with concealing child sexual abuse within the Hillsong Church.

But I’m the bad guy, according to Facebook. I suspect there are Hillsong acolytes in Facbook admins.

In his maiden speech to Parliament in 2008, Morrison thanked Brian Houston for his “great assistance”, describing him as a mentor. In 2020 Morrison gifted his Hillsong mate Leigh Coleman – who had allegations of fraud and bribery against him – $42 million in government grants to a company called ServeGate Australia which, as was reported at the time, ‘has all the hallmarks of a front, a tax dodge, a money-laundering operation’.

Last year at a national conference of so-called Christian churches, Morrison demontrated his humble Christaniity by declaring he was “chosen” by God to be PM.

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Last night, one of Slomo’s own mob, senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells ‘savaged Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a late-night Senate speech, describing him as an autocrat “not fit to be Prime Minister”, “a bully who has no moral compass” and someone who uses his faith for marketing purposes.

Given that Signora Concetta has never ‘savaged’ the smirking bastard before, I suspect this is merely sour grapes on her part, although decidedly true: she ‘will be leaving the Liebral party room after being dumped from a winnable spot last weekend in favour of Jim Molan, a Liebral senator and retired army major general. Molan is also an a complete rightwing nutter and an alleged war criminal for atrocities he oversaw in Fallujah during the US invasion of Iraq.

Yeah, I’m the bad guy!

As for last night’s 2022 Budget announcement by soon to be sacked work-experience Trasherer Joshua Highpants, it can summed up in one word: fantasy.

Well that’s enough whining for now. I’m off to get shitfaced.

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