Created: Tuesday, 23 November 2004 Written by Digger
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Spank meTwo years ago I used to wake up in a sweat. The fear that Saddam Hussein was going to give his weapons of mass destruction to terrorists terrified me!

And it was then, Mr Howard, that you showed me you really were a Man'o'Steel! You stood up to that Arab madman with your friend George Dubya and stopped the terrorists getting those weapons.

I could get back to sleep again.

But now I've heard about those Mad Mullahs in Tehran who want to build nukes! Please Mr Howard can you stop them? Don't let these nasty people threaten us! That's why we voted for you. You said you were tough on terrorism so please can you and your mate George bomb the fuck out of them!

Lets not bother with any UN bulshit this time; lets just do it.

And then I can rest easy again.