Jet Ski crash at Seaworld

Created: Friday, 27 September 2002 Written by Correspondent
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Police will conduct a mechanical inspection of a jet ski which ploughed into spectators during a show at Seaworld on Thursday. A Seaworld spokesman said the driver of the jet ski lost control after a mechanical failure and was flung from the machine.

The riderless jet ski then struck members of the audience.
A Victorian man, 39, underwent surgery for serious leg injuries at the Gold Coast Hospital after the accident, described by one spectator as like something out of a James Bond movie.

Three others in the crowd, a Gold Coast couple in their sixties and their 34-year-old daughter, received minor injuries.

"The jet ski was full bore, straight towards the stand," spectator Stuart Martin told Channel 10 news.

"It went up a grass embankment and skidded straight in. It was just like a James Bond movie."

Spectators said the jet ski missed a wheelchair-bound woman by "inches".

Police have taken possession of the jet ski for mechanical inspection.

The theme park's chief operating officer, Steve Peet, described the accident as unfortunate.