Created: Tuesday, 02 August 2005 Written by Chato
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Oz breakthrough saves water and
thrills snow-loving yuppies. After a hearty Oz breakfast of
SOYLENT BROWNS, and a quick
prayer to the Rubber Chook,
those carefree souls who have
surfed the froth of the
debt-bubble provided by the
Trillion-Dollar-Debt-PM, skip
gaily out to frolic in the
wonderful Oz mountain snow.
To their delight, the snow has
a lovely yellow hue!
Joy of joys! They rub it on their
trusting little faces and dare to
nibble pieces of it, before they
spend the whole day romping
through the stuff.

This miracle of conservation will
guarantee the ski slopes will
never be without yellow ever
again, because the snow-making
machines will now be connected to
the sewage systems of mountain
ski resorts. So, we save water
and provide one more reason to
indulge in healthy HOWARDLAND
YOUTH CAMP snow sports.
You lucky little citizens of Oz!