Created: Thursday, 15 June 2006 Written by Chato
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The greatest Oz sports event ever!

Sports! Money! Horror! Politics!
Nothing gets more exciting than this!

Despite robotic sounds from the daleks
of the pathological, Howard/Costello,
Stalinist, centrally-controlled,
neoliberal, neonazi, fake-conservative,
econometric, GST-led, fake-prosperity
regime, the wheels are coming off the
whole filthy neocon buggy!

The global markets just will not play
fair, and the fraud of it all is
becoming apparent to even the dullest
Suckeroos fans. The very shonky, global
financial system is on the verge of
bursting like a very over-stretched John
Howard colon, spraying the Hellsong
faithful with its stinking, non-core,
taxpayer-funded, golden filth from God!

The media "economist" whores have run
out of pat drivel to lull the losers
into a sufficiently torpid state, so
like a B-grade horror flick, the
loathsome Howardland daleks will have to
resort to "Exterminate! Exterminate!" in
a desperate attempt to protect their
opulent lifestyles from the violently
angry, drooling, Suckeroos-following,
brain-eating, dullards.