Created: Monday, 04 September 2006 Written by Chato
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Steve "I like John Hogturd" Irwin has
fallen prey to the awful "Hogturd Curse".

Many crocodiles will have mixed feelings about
the death by "Hogturd Curse" of the renowned
Oz croc wrangler Steve Irwin.
That great shedder of crocodile tears, Hogturd himself,
knows what mysterious dark force it was that took the
form of a stingray and sought-out with uncanny precision,
the famous Ostrichlian galoot.

Let this be a warning to all those sub-human dirt
who have suckholed a bit too close to the evil
Hogturd, and have received his mark. Surely, once
a dullard has Hogturd wiped into its soul, its
days are numbered.

Farewell Steve - Oz dullard extrordinaire,
another victim of the Hogturd Curse!