Whitey Wets His Pants when a few African boys got off the boat #RubyPrincess

Saturday, 02 May 2020 By In Depth Reporter Bruce

Dinki di Aussies are up in arms as reports from unnamed government insiders have revealed that there is even more to the Ruby Princess cruise ship cover up than meets the eye.

We have heard that some bloke has said that there was a 2.00am telephone call by an unnamed government official to Sydney Maritime instructing the staff on duty to ignore the Covid19 quarantine procedures that were currently in force for cruise ships at the time.


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Your average Aussie bloke waiting for the footy to be back on TV


Xenox News can now reveal that not only was the Ruby Princess infested with Corona Virus oldies, but on board there was also a few lads of African extraction.

White Australians, normally anally retentive at the best of times, are now having a full scale pant wetting as news of this becomes more well known.

Said one Aussie, let's call him Bruce:

“Christ, me and my little white dick are shit scared. And especially now with the yellow peril having us in their sights too”

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An artists impression of your average Aussie Bruce.

The boys and a few hundred elderly members of the Hillsong Christian mob quickly dispersed around the country at the first opportunity after Border Force gave them the all clear to land, and waived the usual international arrival procedures.

Many people at the dock (none of whom have identified themselves due to security concerns that their wives would wonder why they were at the dock at 2am) witnessed "not Aussie blokes" wearing coloured bandanas and what seemed like endless numbers of Pentecostal Loonies disembarking and boarding buses.

"We even saw a group of them driving a bongo van!" said Bruce, another unnamed witness.

With your average white Aussie a tiny scared little fella, the fact that a few healthy and well-built African lads are now currently enjoying themselves in the country has them squealing and moaning more than ever before. They have written to Bolt and phoned up Alan, but nothing doing!

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Aussies have retreated to their rooms and do what they do best. Entertain themselves.

Meanwhile people in Australia's capital cities and rural townships are living in fear of unchecked peoples and strangers who may well be visiting their towns directly from the Ruby Princess. Coronavirus and violence is currently decimating our island state Tasmania, which has Senator Jacqui Lamby and her brother/husband fucking furious and calling for an explanation of the debacle.

Stunned members of Team Australia are left scratching their bonces wondering why the AFP cannot simply interview whoever was on duty at 2.00am at Sydney Maritime, and ask which official made the phone call instructing Corona Virus quarantine and other typical Border Force procedures to be bypassed for the Ruby Princess and its dangerous passenger list.

White Australia, already a terrified and weasly place, is now scared of its own shadow. Said some fella, let's call him Bruce: “Your average Aussie bloke needs to feel safe in his home. We can’t have the Chink using the Black as muscle, can we? Otherwise I don’t know if I have enough undies to contain my involuntary evacuations!”

Australia is under heightened terror and it appears that our government taking an extended vacation at this time leaving us all at serious risk.

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Husband and Wife Bruce and Mabel: "We are Aussies and we want answers!"



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