Thursday, 18 October 2012 By Ricardovitz
I'm gonna school you Anarchy fools on somethin:  Amerika's Homeland Security tracks you folks on Tweeter.  'N so do Aussi's Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Gooberments.


Hello. I am from the Government and I am watching you.

When y'all git ta tweet'n 'bout  “infection,”  "sitting at the “aerorport” er “subway,” er terrorist, er electro-mob, er magnetron e-bombs, the World Gooberments are watchin you.  Watchin you with all thar squirrely beady computer geek eyes, 'n big fat computer processors.  Watchin fer Coptic Christians to make YouTube Videos of Prophet Muhammed, so's they can PUT YOU IN JAIL when yer gooberment royally screws a pooch 'n then strangles it jest 'for the "happy ending".

Y'all ever hear of this:  The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)?  Its a Jew-Anarchists group jest released DHS internal documents about the surveillance of social media and the information collected daily. EPIC gained access to the documents with a lawsuit, pushing the Freedom of Information Act.  The leader of EPIC mysteriously dissapeared.  Wonder which gooberment done locked 'em up?  Probally gettin the 'ol icepick stuck tween his eye socket scramblin his brains - scrambled brains 'fore they fry 'em with a magnetron ray device. 

The documents included hundreds of keywords that the yer gooberment tracks.


Here is some good advice for you tweeting&facebooking fools

The Department of Homeland Security initiative started in February 2011 (Which nigger-commie president you think done did that?) . The department aimed to use social media to stay in-the-know about breaking news 'n what's happenin.  Tweets talkin 'bout  “attack” er “shootin”, er "guns", er "rocket launchers", er bomb'n embasys 'n whatnot could, for instance, alert officials disturbances to these here gooberment agencies lickety-split!

“Social media outlets provide instant feedback and alert capabilities to rapidly changing or newly occurring situations,” states U.S. Homeland Security internal documents, 'n secret sources from Aussie's Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments. “The [Media Monitoring Capability team] works to summarize the extensive information from these resources to provide a well rounded operational picture for these World Gooberment Agencies”

After EPIC’s Freedom of Information Act request, the DHS released 285 pages of documents. DHS paid more than $11 million to General Dynamics to help monitor Tweeter and provide the gooberment with periodic reports.


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"David Banisar, Marc Rotenberg, and David Sobel (gotta wonder if these here jews is gooberment disinformation stooges) sought full disclosure about the methods and breadth of the surveillance of media content. Plus, it wanted details about the dissemination of analysis reports to government partners". Now, this here group is fight'n to get DHS to stop surveying Tweeter 'n whanot similar kinds of things.

So, y'all dummies go 'n Tweet yerself ta death.  Cuz, when them gooberment stooges come a knock'n at yer door, dern't bother call'n me, I DONE WARNED YOU!!!!
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