Created: Friday, 05 March 2004 Written by monsveneris
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What are the actual circumstances of Haitian President Aristide's exit from office last Sunday? He calls it kidnapping. So do some U.S. Congressmen.

One thing's for sure: Aristide's flight wasn't voluntary. He was kicked out, and once again the boot was made in the U.S.A. Did you know that Washington controlled Aristide's security? No surprise then that in the latest Haitian crisis there were no security problems for U.S. citizens, embassy staff, or others Washington wanted to protect.

Think of it: just a handful of Marines were able to secure the airport. So easy!

Secretary of State Colin Powell gave Aristide an ultimatum: the U.S.A. would not ? on this occasion - rescue him.

In other words, resign and leave or else.

Sounds a lot like Sheriff George Dubya?s ultimatum to Saddam to get out of town by sunset, pardner!

Interestingly, the Miami Herald reported "the Bush administration blocked a last-minute attempt by [Aristide] to bolster his bodyguards."

Sure, the Bush regime had already pushed for Aristide?s resignation. But the fact is, for the past three years, the administration planned dumping Aristide, thereby plunging the struggling nation into chaos.

Monster international money-bags like the IMF, World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, supported U.S. destabilization efforts by stopping hundreds of millions of dollars in credit to Haiti, one of the most desperately poor countries in the world.

This latest coup then is just a repeat of the military coup that overthrew Aristide in 1991.

We all know that U.S. President Clinton sent 20,000 troops to restore Aristide to the presidency in 1994, but what of Washington's role before that?

The U.S.A. occupied Haiti militarily from 1915-1934 and had plenty of support for the murderous Duvalier dictatorship which ruled the country from 1956-1986.

Dictatorship? No problemo, until Haiti held its first democratic election.

In 1990, Aristide won by a landslide. After just seven months in office, he was overthrown by the military, the officers leading the military coup paid by the CIA. And the Washington connection doesn?t stop there.

A death squad known by the French acronym F.R.A.P.H was formed. Over the next three years it murdered some 3000 of Aristide's supporters. The founder of the organisation, Emanuel Constant, stated in an interview on CBS' 60 minutes that the CIA financed the creation and maintenance of the organisation. Constant's deputy, convicted murderer Louis-Jodel Chamblain, was a principal in last week's uprising.

The New York Times reported that "these men, whom Mr. Powell characterized last week as "thugs," and a few hundred of their followers are for now the domestic face of national security in Haiti."

Call it American diplomacy. Situation normal: FUBAR.