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Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan...

Created: Saturday, 14 September 2002 Written by agitprop
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Nazrullah can't forget the night American bombers roared over Kabul seeking to destroy Taliban positions in the Afghan capital.
A missile hit his house, killing four members of his family, including his mother and sister. Now he lives next door to the rubble of his former home and cares for his surviving kin. He thanks god he is safe, but his three-year-old son has a head injury and his wife has lost her mind.

As for any practical help from the Americans, Nazrullah smiles ironically as he recalls a visit from a 35-man US delegation in the wake of the October airstrikes.

They gave him a pair of trousers, a ball and a pair of glasses.

The bomb that hit Qambar's home also destroyed his father-in-law's house and killed his mother-in-law. Her daughter Rafessa said, "The enemies of America are still moving around and America is killing us instead of them. My three daughters now have hearing problems and are afraid of everything. No one has helped us to rebuild our house."

Afghanistan has been liberated from the Taliban, just as it was liberated from the Russians.

And now the US wants to continue its war on Iraq.

Why? Weapons of mass destruction? Hell, everyone's got some!

Defying U.N. resolutions? That's the most fatuous and laughable "justification" of all.

Ask the Israeli regime how many U.N. resolutions it is defying as it continues construct Jewish "settlements" and oppress Palestinians in their own homeland.

As it scorns the ICC, and other global agreements, ask the U.S. about its own defiance and the contempt it has for the United Nations.

Saddam Hussein may be a monster, but Bush and co are shameless liars.

Every civilized nation on earth should now show ITS defiance of US intransigence and refuse to have anything to do with this latest folly.

Haven't we had atrocity enough!