Created: Friday, 05 July 2002 Written by max
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Hmm, let's see. How can self-proclaimed global supercop - and certified rogue state extraordinaire - the USA, win the hearts and minds of an impoverished, ruined people in its perpetual war on anyone and anything it doesn't like the look of? Here are just a few recent examples of US efforts in long-suffering Afghanistan.

Dec. 21 2002 - U.S. bombs smash a 40-vehicle convoy of tribal elders on a road in the mountains of the Paktia, killing 65.

The Pentagon shrugs and says it received U.S. intelligence (contradiction in terms!) that the convoy was carrying al-Qaida members.

Too bad the victims were all tribal leaders going to Kabul to pay respects to newly installed sitting duck Hamid Karzai.

Jan. 23 2002 - In a deliberate attack on compounds in Hazar Qadam, U.S. troops kill 16 people and capture 27, none of whom turn out to be al-Qaida or Taliban members.

All 27 were later released, but not without some bashing and abuse inflicted by their good friends the US Army.

Pentagon officials blame the deaths on men in the compound who they say began shooting when American troops attacked.

Hmm, gee, I guess if my home was obviously being attacked I'd shoot back too!

April 16 2002 - A U.S. pilot deliberately lobs a 500-pound bomb at Canadian forces conducting a nighttime exercise, killing four soldiers and wounding eight.

He claims it was self-defence. Is the US at war with its Northern neighbour too?

May 31 2002 - U.S. troops kill three of their own Afghan allies in a shoot-out when both sides attack a compound thought to be the hide-out of Taliban and al-Qaida leaders. It wasn't.

Two Afghan anti-Taliban fighters are wounded in the exchange outside the eastern Afghan city of Gardez. Gosh, Sarge, they all look the same to me! Is that my Coke you're drinking there?

July 1 2002 - US helicopter gunships go hog-wild and massacre 50 civilians attending a wedding, including an entire family of 25, and injuring 100.

Survivors say U.S. planes deilberately targeted the wedding.

The U.S. military says its troops were preparing for their 4th July celebrations. And besides, they were miffed because they didn't receive wedding invitations.

Once again by its own deeds the US confirms what many observers have known all along: terrorism does NOT develop in a vacuum.

This was Max Gross for Xenox News, wiping his arse with the US flag and wondering when the penny - if not the Bomb - will drop.

And I do mean THE Bomb.