Al-Qaeda and the Taliban: come again?!

Created: Thursday, 26 September 2002 Written by agitprop
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So, Dumbass Bush continues to huff and puff and menace the people of Iraq and anyone else who dare question his purity of essence and precious bodily fluids. Meanwhile, having killed an estimated 3000 Afghan civilians before the US tuned out and went wandering off the field, the Texas Dipshit has vetoed a $US5.1 billion ($9.4 billion) aid bill from Congress that includes $US174 million for assisting impoverished Afghanistan.
This despite the desperate need for funds to reconstruct this war-ravaged country that is in the grip of a drought and to which 1.5 million refugees have returned.
Last week the bullshit Bush League were preparing to fund an $US80 million road repair program in Afghanistan by CUTTING a disaster relief program for Afghanistan by $US40 million!
Meanwhile besieged puppet President, Hamid Karzai, has warned that al-Qaeda and Taliban ? yes, Taliban! - forces are increasing their activities outside Kabul.
Who? Oh, THOSE guys! Hell, Dumbass and his oily minders have come up with a new scheme to distract the naïve, the politically illiterate and just plain disingenuous American public.

Gee, I'm so glad I'm on the side of the 'good guys'!