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US continues to terrorise Iraq

Created: Tuesday, 01 October 2002 Written by Correspondent
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US fighter jets blasted the Basra civilian airport for the second time in a week, targeting radar systems and passenger terminals. In Tampa, Florida, US Central Command confirmed an attack, saying it had targeted a military mobile radar at Basra in response to what it called "hostile acts".

An Iraqi luggage handler had reportedly given Dumbass Bush the finger.

US and British jets continue to "police" two no-fly zones in northern and southern Iraq imposed after the 1991 Gulf War. God knows how many civilians get killed during these violent acts of US harassment. They obviously want Saddass to hit back so they can really let him have it!

Sunday's attacks took place at a time when three US congressmen were visiting Basra to assess the humanitarian situation in the southern Iraqi city.

Maybe Bush was hoping to whack these representatives of an uncooperative US Congress?!