Created: Friday, 14 March 2003 Written by Correspondent
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Must been dem beans

Saddam has had those nasty weapons of mass destruction since the early ‘80s. From that time has there ever been a terrorist attack with WMDs? The Tokyo subway attack comes to mind, but they made that stuff up themselves.
Even in Israel and Lebanon, areas jam packed with those terrorist kookys and right next to Iraq, there has not been one terrorist attack with gas or biological agents that Saddam supposedly has.
What about the late 90’s early 2000, no weapon inspectors in Iraq, active terrorism in the region: lunatic Palestinian suicide bombers, Al Qaeda raids all round the world, but still NO attacks with Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. Even when the weapon inspectors were not there!

But that’s all well and good; he has a track record of using them, doesn’t he?
In the 1980s Saddam used his WMDs and received no threats from US, UK, or Australia. Since that time, with the active containment policy, has he used any?

But the fact remains; he has made them before and has used them before so the threat will always be there.
It is true that some terrorists would use WMDs if they got them, and are probably actively seeking them. But if we are going to invade Iraq because hypothetically they might give them to terrorists (that’s a bit strange for a PM who won’t even answer hypothetical questions), surely we should be doing the same to all other countries that have these WMDs. Syria, Iran (maybe?), North Korea, Pakistan?
Wouldn’t it be just as easy for Osama to drive up to some Russian nuclear base, pay the soldiers that work there and get some?

The aim is to get rid of Saddam, setup a large US presence in the region, and start scaring the surrounding countries into democracy! And if they don’t start the voting, well you can bet you’ll start hearing about their WMDs!

As for lil’ Johnnys claim that Iraq is a ‘lethal threat’ to Australia isn’t that why the ONA guy quit? Because of the bullshit link that the government is trying to make between terrorists and Iraq?

One of them is lying because they are both seeing the same intelligence aren’t they?