Patriot-Live from the war!

Thursday, 20 March 2003 By Patriot
Shaibah Airbase is located approximately 445 kilometers South of Baghdad and about 19 kilometers Southwest of BasraHello to all Xenox News readers! As the Xenox News on the spot war correspondent I have been embedded into the lead units of the coalition of the willing’s advance on Baghdad.

Under the cover of an enormous sandstorm we have moved into Iraq from Kuwait, and have now reached the town of Shaibah. Already the Iraqi army is folding like a pack of cards with reports of thousands of soldiers surrendering to their liberators.
The word I am getting from our brave soldiers is that we will be in Baghdad by Saturday. Once there I will send some happy snaps of the welcome parade we are sure to receive from the oppressed people of Iraq.
Hopefully that madman Saddam will be toppled soon and freedom and democracy allowed to reign in the Arab world for the first time.

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