Created: Wednesday, 23 July 2003 Written by deadlink
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As Iraqis struggle in the Yank-inspired shitstorm, the deceit, distortion, destruction and death, all brought to you courtesy of the great George Caesar Bush and his legion of liars, continues with great fucken bloody bells o­n.

Focus your fuzzy TV-addled mind, my jedi apprentice, and try to sort the shit from shinola! The US/UK (and lets not forget wee willie winky Owstralia!) invaded Iraq because, within 45 minutes Saddam Hussein could - and indeed would! - launch a lethal chemical and/or biological attack!

That was the mantra, and so it remains in the benighted world of global political opportunism!

Like the uranium-purchase claim, the 45-minute-to-midnight claim was and still is a total fucken joke! At no stage was the US plan to attack Iraq based o­n fact.

Before the attack o­n Iraq, they lied. During the attack o­n Iraq, they lied. And they are still fucken lying!

And now they're dying, and dying, and dying. Pax America? Fux America!And just to prove o­nce and for all that the time well and truly does suit that lying little four-eyed fucker, the PM of Owstralia, the Australian newspaper's Newspoll of 1,200 people found 67 per cent believe the Howard Government misled Australians o­n the issue and 36 per cent thought it did so knowingly.

OK, that makes sense, right? But what the fuck do you make of this: the same fucken poll found the popularity of Brownose Johnny "remains strong". Jesus, Mary and fucken Joseph! in "the preferred Prime Sinister stakes", that slimey creep gets the nod from 59 per cent of respondents!!!

What is it with you dumb fucken Aussies?!! Jesus, where's that fucken takeaway!