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Created: Friday, 20 February 2004 Written by Patriot
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If we listened to all you lefty moaners Saddam would have killed at least 100 000 of his own people by now!

This is why we are safer thanks to brave actions of the Coalition of the Willing: 1. The dangerous and deadly WMD programs Saddass was hiding from the world have been exposed and destroyed.

2. Respect for UN resolutions is back. Saddbutt was a serial offender and now he has got his come uppance.

3. Religous freedom in Iraq at last for the long oppressed Shites.

4. Other rogue nations now know they are dealing with a new steel in the Coaltion of the Willing. Gaddafi saw the writing on the wall and he folded.

5. Democracy at last for a Arab nation. How could you whining leftys be against that?

6. Our brave soldiers have shown us all their skill and courage. We should all be proud of them. Especially the Aussie SAS boys who stopped Saddasses Scuds hitting Israel.

So instead of cheering about the latest terrorist outrage in Iraq get behind the IGC and support your PM Howard who wasn't afraid to stand up to the 21st centuries most dangerous tyrant.