Created: Friday, 27 February 2004 Written by Submit_News
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Blood for oil? Oil for blood? Hmm...

One of Israel's biggest oil firms has scored a multi-million dollar tender - courtesy of a subsidiary of the infamous Cheny's infamous Halliburton - to supply fuel to US troops in Iraq.

Recall: Israel produces almost no oil and imports nearly all its oil needs, mostly from former Soviet states.

You'll love this: Information from the US Department of Energy suggests that in April 2003 plans were raised for the "reopening" an old oil pipeline from a neighbour.

Which neighbour? Hazard a bloody guess, mate!

Back in the 1930s an oil pipe was built running from Mosul in Northern Iraq to the Israeli port of Haifa on its northern Mediterranean coast.

At its peak, the line carried 100,000 barrels a day, but was shut off in 1948, when Israel was "established"..

James Akins, a former US ambassador to the region (quoted in Brit rag The Observer): "It just goes to show that it is all about oil, for the United States and its ally.''

Now, bearing that in mind, let's have another look at some more rather interesting numbers, shall we?

US and 'Coalition' personnel deaths in Iraq: 649

US (only) wounded (i.e. maimed, disfigured, etc): 3120

US deaths since July 2nd when that nutcase Bush proclaimed "Bring 'em on!": 343

And now for another figure, the one the Bush League reckons isn't worth keeping tabs on:

Reported Iraqi civilians deaths: more than 10,000.

As for civilians injuried? By now that must be a pretty impressive number too!

And the November poll is looming over Washinton like Bush's very own Sword of Damocles.

Boy, I reckon capturing Osama Bin Someplaceor other would be mighty convenient for the Bush League about now (Not to mention the corrupt Musheriff of Pakistan)!

Keep up the good work Xenox News! The truth is not just out there, it's right here!

- Dusty Davo from Derrimut