Wednesday, 14 April 2004 By Patriot
The US military is surrounding Najaf and shall be soon executing Iraqi justice by apprehending self-proclaimed "resistance" leader Al Sadr. Thugs of his nature have no place in the new Iraq. President Bush promised the downtrodden people of Iraq freedom and he is not about to cut and run because of a few criminals. These hostage takers and terrorists have to realize that their time is up and they need to obey law and order. Giving in to those people would send a dreadful message to the world.

Thank god we have strong leaders such as PMs Blair and Howard and President Bush ready to pro-actively defend our freedom by given it to others.

I'll be heading back to Iraq soon for some exclusives as Xenox News correspondent and I will send all the good wishes from our readers to our brave servicemen and women fighting for us all.

God Bless Them.

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