Created: Saturday, 08 May 2004 Written by Tom Tiitmouse
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I like many right minded citizens fully supported lil Johnny's march to Baghdad. In step with, in the words of Max Gross, Presidunce Bush I agreed with PM Howard; Saddam was a tyrant and a menace to the world. And he had shit loads of oil we couldn't have. From my vantage point in the middle-class nirvana of Nunawading I knew that the main thing this war had going for it was cheaper oil. Shit. Even that fuckwit Rupert Murdoch knew it! (just look at the crap his legion of morons such as Piers Ackerman and Andrew Bolt were/are writing). I never believed it had anything to do with freeing the Iraqi people. If we ever gave a shit about Iraqi human rights we would have invaded 30 fucking years ago!

Well. The dickheads that organized this war couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery. What a bunch of morons. What universities did these idiots go to; Yale? Harvard? Wherever they went the degrees you get from there mustn't be worth enough to wipe your arse. Look at the mess we are in now!

Now I'm not one to cry over spilt milk but I think it's pretty easy to see what they had to do. Everyone who knew, knew that Saddass didn't have enough WMDs to fill a Tom Thumb. So why didn't they bring along a couple a barrels of nerve gas and anthrax when they invaded to dump in the basement of a few of his palaces? It was such an obvious thing to do! Invade. Find the WMDs. Put Chalabi in charge. And start pumping out enough oil to break the OPEC cartel.

What were those dickheads in charge thinking?

Now we've got the Iraqi population behaving like they are the inhabitants of an outer suburban marginal seat in Sydney! They want this. They want that. They even expect to pay no tax and have all the welfare they need! A free RPG for every first born! Christ, not even a Howard budget could satisfy these motherfuckers! We are surely up the Tigris in a turd canoe.

So what can we do? Well firstly I think we have to go back to the original reasons we "liberated" Iraq. Cheap oil and army bases for the US. Maybe we can't get the bases, but for fucksake we must get the cheap oil! How about we will withdraw our troops but want half the oilfields in return? If they don't agree then turn the whole country into a fucking prison camp; they'll agree soon enough then.

It's obvious whatever we are doing now isn't working. Either you got turn the screws fully or get the fuck out of the country.

Tom Titmouse.