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Created: Tuesday, 30 November 2004 Written by Patriot
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The crushing of the terrorists in Fallujah by Iraqi and Coalition forces has brought a fresh wind of freedom to Iraq. With elections only weeks away Iraqis are ready to celebrate their liberation from tyranny by having their first free and fair democratic vote.

Now if only those terrorist-loving lefties in the west would stop undermining our efforts to fight the Islamo-fascist insurgents in Iraq more innocent lives could be saved...
It was tough and brutal hand-to-hand combat in Fallujah, but the brave soldiers of the Iraqi and Coalition forces have got the terrorists on the run. And now the benefits can be seen with insurgent attacks already down by 50%. There have been some civilian casualties but the responsibility lies fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the crazed Saddam-loving terrorists who cowardly hide behind women and children as they attack our soldiers.

And why do they continue fighting, even though they know they are hopelessly outgunned by Coalition forces? Because they think they can win the propaganda war. And they think they can win it because they see rubbish published by the likes of Pilger, Chomsky, and Gross that makes them think western opinion can be swayed.

But as the recent election results show, the silent majority is not being swayed by the rabble rousing calls of these “intellectuals”! They know that it is Bush, Blair and Howard who have almost single handily brought freedom to Iraq (and eventually all the Middle East). They haven’t been fooled by the liberal bias of the western media and know that when our brave soldiers put their lives on the line for freedom you HAVE to support them.
To do otherwise is nearly treasonous.

So if you want freedom in Iraq and you want to win the War on Terror forget the bleating from the terrorist-appeasing lefties and stand tall with our soldiers as we march onwards to victory!

God Bless