Tuesday, 01 February 2005 By Patriot
The hugely successful Iraq election has punctured the terrorist resistance in Iraq like a balloon!
The vote by the huge majority of Iraqis is not only a vote for their own government but a vote for the freedom they received from President Bush and PMs Howard and Blair.
Australians can be extremely proud of their great leader 70 year old PM John Howard. He stuck to his guns and has supported the liberation of Iraq from tyranny since day one.

Now the Iraqis are reaping the rewards!

The whining and moaning anti-US lefties have been left high and dry by this major show of support for the US by the previously silent-majority Iraqis. They don't want terror, they want freedom and free enterprise because they know it is the only way they and their families can enjoy prosperity.

But the west can't rest on its laurels now. The shining symbol of freedom that was the Iraqi election will embolden other freedom-loving peoples of the region. We must be willing to support them and overthrow their tyrannical and despotic regimes.

I say to you people of Syria and Iran: Freedom is coming! The Coalition of the Willing won't forget you.

God Bless,

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